An Unexpected Pleasure: a weekly report

For the past couple of weeks i have been on holiday away from work so limited in my training, though i was able to wear the butt plug overnight, but on Friday it proved possible for me to get away for a few hours and Mistress allowed me to attend her.
This was unexpected but the pleasure at being allowed to attend Mistress was very real and amazing, so i had a wonderful afternoon. i was able to dress properly in all my kit, including all the tight spanx and vest before leaving for Mistress and to make sure that the electrics were applied so that Mistress could use the shocking system on me.

Mistress had orders for me to get her groceries on the way, and a final order for cigarettes and fresh coffee, and then i was there, kneeling then prostrate at Mistress’s feet. She welcomed me by putting her full weight upon me, to press me to the floor, then rose and allowed me to rise and unpack the groceries and put them away.

Now it was time for inspection, to check i was properly dressed and then to strip off so that Mistress could tighten my nipple clamps, and inspect my feet to see if i had been successful in dealing with the hard skin. i was required to do my sit ups and to demonstrate that i could do them and keep on doing them. i managed 60 without a break, then nearly collapsed to the floor. Mistress then showed me how She wanted me to do twisting sit ups to work on the muscles at the side of my abdomen next, and gave me my orders for daily exercises for the next period.

Mistress had tasks for me to carry out, first some typing and text checking for her new book and then filing of my reports and other texts in the right order. Of course Mistress does not always make things easy so i was made to do the filing and the typing in my heavy steel manacles, which clank when i move around and make walking difficult. These were to stay on for most of the day. By now it was lunchtime so i was allowed to come into the kitchen, and Mistress chose my lunch. It was to be turkey in creamy sauce, cat food, placed in the bowl and for me to eat on all fours or on my face. In between attempts to suck the food into my mouth and swallow it down i was allowed to drink from the water bowl, lapping like a dog, and all the time to encourage me Mistress used the shocking device on my balls when I least expected it. Once the bowl was clean and licked clean i was allowed to wipe my mouth with a tissue and to go and wash my face. So that was my lunch. Mistress had much nicer things at her disposal, salads and smoked salmon, ham and chicken, fruit and other nice things all provided by Her slave on Her orders.

Mistress had warned me that the new butt plugs from Meo had arrived, so i was sent to remove the training plug and to attempt to insert the next size up. It is almost twice the size, and i could not get it in, i will need to get used to getting it in, and perhaps it will go in easier after a bath. No matter those are my orders so i must persevere.
Mistress informed me that she had a potential slave coming for interview so would be busy for a while, so i was left in another room, on my knees, head to the floor, to wait Her pleasure. i could hear that there was conversation going on but not what was being said and at one time Mistress opened the door and asked the potential slave whether he wanted to see one of Her other slaves. Then She closed the door and left me alone again. No specific bondage to keep me still, just the knowledge that Mistress did not want me moving around or making a noise kept me without moving for what seemed like hours but was a much shorter time.

Now Mistress stretched me out on the floor for something completely new. She has used hot wax on so many parts of me including once in the past making me dip my lips into a bowl of liquid paraffin wax which set to cover the mouth and lips like a gag. This time She used the wax from tea light candles, lit to make the wax melt, then blown out and the wax poured into my mouth with the teeth together so it dripped down between the teeth and the lips. Then the mouth was shut up tight and more wax was poured on the lips. It was not too hot, but the whole thing felt amazing, as the wax covered my mouth and rendered me silenced. She decided to do this whilst sitting on my body, holding me still and pressing first on my nipples with her knees then sitting up and using her nails to crush the nipples and her fingers to twist them. It was amazing to lie there crushed to the floor, with Mistress towering above me and with no ability to make a sound.

By now it was time to leave and get home but as always i did not want to go. All i want to do by the end of these sessions is to stay for more and more and more. My orders were given to get ready the papers for Mistress when She sits in judgement upon me for all my failures to serve and obey her. (Judgement day).

i had been given the orders for my new exercises and to make it possible to use the new enlarged butt plug. Next week i am allowed to attend Mistress again, but this week i have an appointment to go to be waxed again, with wax used to remove all the hairs on my cock, balls and the crack between my buttocks. This time Mistress is allowing me to wear my steel collar during the treatment. Last time i had to take it off, but this time it will be clear that i am a slave and Her property.

One new activity and a high point of the day was that Mistress had decided that She wanted me to learn a new service. She wants me to be able to function as Her ash tray, and to drop the ash from her cigarettes into my mouth rather than carry an ash tray around the house. This was my first experience of this, and i can see that it will become something of a routine in the future. Mistress always has new ideas to try, and ways to develop me as her slave. i have written separately about this in the report
“A is for ashtray” which Mistress has put out.

So an unexpected pleasure of a few hours serving Mistress and learning what it is to be her slave and property. There is never a single moment when i do not feel how lucky I am to have been enslaved by such a fabulous Mistress. There is always more to learn but Service to Mistress and Obedience to Her is all that matters.